OLL is a community-based agency and gratefully acknowledges funding and support for Adult Literacy programs from the Ontario Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development.

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In a Tutor's words:

“I really enjoy the community-based and inclusive nature of the program. I like that the children are reminded and accepting of the fact that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses and that that is okay. The program is confidence-building.” 

In a Parent's words:

“The Tutor had a ton of patience, great games, and a sense of humour.” 

In a Child's Words:
“Before, I could not read a book and now I can actually read a book. If I got stuck on a word they would sound out the beginning and end, and I had to put the sounds together.” 

In a Volunteer's Words:
“Every family that wants to take part is able to do so in the community—a great idea. I enjoy helping the children improve their reading and writing skills in a positive, small group atmosphere.” 

In a Volunteer's Words:
“Many of the children improved significantly in their understanding and skill. The program was very active and creative. Math and reading are fundamental understandings and skills that are necessary for success in school and life in general. I love math and reading. I would like to help these children learn to love them too, so that they will want to continue to learn.” 


​​​519-332-4876        oll@bellnet.ca